Clymer Manufacturing producing tools for Gunsmiths with Reamers, Precision tools, Cutting tools for Gunsmith's and Gunsmith Tools. Gunsmith Tools for Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, with Reamers, Headspacing Gauges for Precision Tools by Gunsmith's.
Clymer Manufacturing Company - experts in gun tooling - brings to its customers a long and successful history of gun toolmaking technology. Begun in 1958 by Mr. and Mrs. Clymer, Clymer Manufacturing still retains the dedication to quality products and service it did as a family-owned business.

Though no longer owned by the Clymers, Clymer Manufacturing Company continues to provide best-in-class gun tools to precise standards and specifications. Clymer Manufacturing also provides a resharpening/regrinding service for Clymer tools provided they are not worn beyond acceptable limits.

Clymer Manufacturing Company is able to consistently offer its customers the finest products because of its family of gun tooling specialists with expertise ranging from managerial and manufacturing, environment and health chemistry, to industrials sales and marketing.

Enthusiasm for the tools they supply stems from an enthusiasm for the products that they use. Many of Clymers gun tooling specialists are avid gun enthusiasts - both recreational and sport - with memberships in oranizations such as the NRA and GOA. These specialists are as enthusiastic about gun ownership as gun manufacturers are about making fine firearms.

Clymer Manufacturing's reputation is based on ensuring complete customer satisfaction. In addition to providing a product that is second to none, Clymer stands behind each tool it makes. All products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 90 days after shipment.

Gun manufacturers can trust Clymer Manufacturing Company to consistently provide superior gun tooling and service at competitive prices for years to come.

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